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About Matrix Powder Technology

Matrix Powder Technology is the confluence of disciplines necessary to successfully compete in the market place. The owners of Matrix have significant experience in the following :

  • Raw material manufacturing
  • Powder Coating manufacturing
  • Research and Development
  • Procurement
  • Transportation

Angela Carmack – Chief Executive Officer

Angela has worked in a variety of segments of the chemical industry since 2006. This variety has allowed her to maintain a broad base of experience including: technical lab work on coatings, formulation and sourcing/procurement in the supplement industry (enzymes and probiotics), and sourcing of raw materials for residential/industrial cleaners and processing aids for industrial applications. These positions have also provided the opportunity to be involved in various quality and regulatory management systems as required by ISO, GMP, NSF, FDA, EPA, etc.

Angela’s most recent experience comes from Sourcing at Kemira where she has been responsible for negotiation of chemical pricing and supplier management for over 250 materials at more than 10 plants in the U.S. and Canada.

Other positions she has held include:
  • Lab Technician at Cytec: Radcure
  • Product formulator and Procurement Manager at Deerland Enzymes
  • Sourcing Manager at Zep
  • Sourcing Manager at Kemira

    Derek Dennis – Chief Operating Officer

    Derek has been in the powder coating industry since 1997. He has held many positions during his 20 years in powder coatings, mostly in the polyester resin business where he learned the benefits and business models for powder coatings and the industries they participate in.

    He is currently the Laboratory Manager for Heraeus Noblelight where he is responsible for customer interactions and testing for electric and gas catalytic applications. He has been at this position for three years. Derek is also the President of the Chemical Coaters Association International-Georgia Chapter.

    Other positions he has held include:
    • Chemist for UCB Chemicals
    • Scientist for Cytec Industries
    • Technical Service, Development and Marketing Manager for Cytec Industries
    • Business Unit Manager for Vasto Chemicals
    • Sales Liaison for Powder Coating Research Group

Jim Carmack – Vice President

Jim previously worked for one of the top ten railway company’s in various management capacities before retiring in 2012.

During his career he was involved the following:
  • computer training across the industry
  • performing station audits
  • overseeing agency and yard operations
  • making efficiency checks
  • ensuring safety in the workplace
  • very involved in customer service
  • active in centralizing all outlying stations (depots) and moving the entire operation into one central location
  • placed in charge of the centralized operation.

Although Jim is retired from his former railroad career, he is still very ambitious, active and looking forward to bringing many years of experience as well as new and creative ideas to a new industry, Matrix Powder Technology.

Kevin Biller – Chief Technology Officer

Kevin has been formulating and manufacturing powder coatings since he began his career in 1978 at the Glidden Paint Company.  He held various technical positions during his 15 years there including Group Leader – Automotive Coatings, and Section Leader – European Core Laboratory while he was stationed in Birmingham, England for Glidden’s parent ICI Paints.

He is currently:
  • President – Powder Coating Research Group
  • Chief Technology Officer – Matrix Powder Technology
  • Technical Editor of Powder Coated Tough magazine
  • Editor of Focus on Powder Coatings newsletter (Elsevier)
  • Editorial board for International Paint & Coating Magazine (Italy)
  • His Ask Joe Powder column appears in many publications including Polymers Paint & Coatings Journal (UK)
  • Chairman of the PCI’s (Powder Coating Institute) Scholarship and Future Technology Committee
Other positions he has held include:
  • Development Manager at Herberts Powder Coatings
  • President and owner of IRIS Powder Coatings
  • V.P./General Mgr. for Jamestown Powder
  • Technical Director – Hentzen Powder Coatings
  • Board of Directors of the Powder Coating Institute

In 2007 Biller established the Powder Coating Research Group.  This R&D laboratory is a center of excellence in powder coating innovation, evaluation, testing and consultation.

In 2014 Kevin and EG Industries, Inc. launched Matrix Powder Technology, a joint venture that manufactures high quality powder coatings.

Kevin has four US Patents in industrial coating technology. He has delivered numerous papers and written over 100 articles on powder coatings. He has published a handbook Powder Coatings: Foundation for the Novice Formulator by BNP Media, Troy, MI.

  • 5,935,661 – Radiation curing of powder coatings n heat sensitive substrates: chemical compositions and processes for obtaining coated workpieces.
  • 5,877,231 – Radiation curable powder coatings for heat sensitive substrates
  • 5,824,373 – Radiation curing of powder coatings on wood
  • 5,789,039 – Radiation curing of powder coatings on heat sensitive substrates: chemical compositions and processes for obtaining coated work pieces