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Heat Sensitive Substrates

Low temperature curable for heat sensitive products.

Not all plastics are created equal. Matrix understands this. Our extensive experience in identifying the right chemistry is our hallmark. Low HDT (Heat Deflection Temperature) plastics typically require UV curable powder technology whereas higher temp plastics can use Matrix’s cutting edge low cure thermoset products.

It’s not always easy to get a powder coating to apply, fuse, and cure onto a plastic substrate. Matrix has developed unique formulations that work over a wide array of plastic types. We have also pioneered techniques to ensure excellent adhesion and durability to meet the most stringent specifications.

Light Metal Alloys

Many of the alloys used in aerospace and the military cannot take the heat of a conventional cure powder coating. Matrix has developed a unique line of low temperature thermosetting and UV curable powder coatings that process at temperatures these substrates can take.

Not only do we have the chemistry and outstanding performance that these industries demand, Matrix has also matched the unique appearance requirements that span high gloss all the way down to dead matte finishes.

All of these technological approaches have been thoroughly tested and conform to the most stringent military and aerospace specifications.

Medium Density Fiberboard

If engineered boards are your substrate, Matrix has the coating technology for you. Our universe of low temperature products can meet the finishing quality demanded by industries from basic ready-to-assemble furniture up to the exacting needs of the medical equipment industry.

We offer an array of looks and textures – everything from smooth, flat finishes to attractive speckle effects, pearlescents and metallic looks. Our attractive palette of aesthetics is unlimited.