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High heat, anti-skid and high slip powder coating resins

Matrix has perfected the delicate balance between film integrity and heat resistance. Not only do our products endure heat cycles up to 1000⁰F, but they also maintain excellent film performance. Our high heat technology has approvals from prominent agricultural equipment manufacturers – give us a call and we can fill you in on the details.



Matrix has developed a distinctive line of textured and ant-skid coatings. These products provide very pleasing aesthetics while delivering the function of a skid-resistant surface and can be either indoor or outdoor durable. Our anti-skid technology finds its way onto architectural and automotive articles such as stair steps, flooring and running boards.


Our low CoF (coefficient of friction) powder coatings are perfect for surfaces that need to provide a high level of slip. These coatings provide outstanding slip whether they are wet or dry and maintain their performance as the coating gradually abrades away. Matrix’s unique products can be used on shelving, package chutes, wire racking, drawer slides and playground equipment.